Hunter Home Comfort QLS03-WT Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Hunter Home Comfort QLS03-WT Features

Have you made up your mind on improving the indoor air quality at home and just need to find the best professional humidifier to do the job for you? On an instant search online you will discover a wide range of offers available for purchase.

Manufacturers daily create and present numerous new features said to characterize new products and thus make your indoor living environment perfect to spend time in and feel healthy and comfortable.

To help you discover the best option for you in terms of air quality and proper levels of air humidity we have analyzed some of the available products. Here is what we could discover about the Hunter Home Comfort QLS03-WT ultrasonic humidifier.

It is an innovative product equipped with smart features based on efficient technology, it can prove to be a perfect choice for your small home rooms or the office space and comes available in compact size that makes it very easy to handle.

Well-Performing Ultrasonic Personal Air Humidifier

This air humidifier is a well-performing one based on ultrasonic technology. It is available in white color thus matching any space decor you might have chosen for your home or office where you need to install and use it.

Good Match for Any Space

The humidifier can be easily placed in any given space: at home in your bedroom or any other room, in the office, in your car as well as in any other favorite sitting area you could think of.

Portable & Perfect Size

This new air humidifier from Hunter Home Comfort is a great choice in terms of portability and size. It is compact enough to become your favorite new accessory for cool, refreshed air.

Good Water Output

The product features an efficient 0.5 gallon of water mist when used at its maximum settings for best results.

Water Bottle for the Tank

The innovative air humidifier uses a water bottle as a tank thus being easy to refill or replace at any time. Furthermore, you can use any given size bottle for your refill needs.

Easy Maintenance Features

The air humidifier is so easy to use and maintain that you can take advantage of its features while sleeping. No extra settings required, just initial installation and the device will be ready to do its job well.

Smart Size

The product comes in reduced size which makes it easy to use even in very small places: 4.2 x 4.8 x 4.5 inches. It weights only 8.8 ounces.

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Hunter Home Comfort QLS03-WT Pros & Cons


  • Simple Yet Efficient: The air humidifier is simple in terms of instructions for installation and necessary settings for proper functionality yet features proven efficient performance for a small – size device.
  • Highly Recommended by Customers: The product has been used by customers worldwide and their positive reviews prove its efficiency. It features a decent price that balances its simple yet efficient features.
  • Innovative Design: The air humidifier features a stylish design completed by the strange yet interesting upside down water bottle used as a tank.
  • Good Choice Even for Essential Oils Use: The product also has proven efficiency in situations where it is used with essential oils. It can totally change the odor in your room and make you feel much more comfortable.


  • Disturbing Bright Light: The air humidifier features a light whenever it is on which might be considered disturbingly bright when placed close to your bed for example, especially at night.
  • Works Well in Certain Conditions: The simple air humidifier requires certain conditions to be established when used in order to offer great results. It needs to be placed on a proper level surface and to be used in a small size room with doors and windows closed for higher efficiency.
  • Easy to Get Damaged: It is not a very resistant product in comparison to other professional air humidifiers that can be purchased for higher costs. It needs to be well maintained if you want to be able to enjoy using it for a long time.

As a conclusion, we can say that this is a simple air humidifier that can be purchased for a low price in comparison to other professional humidifiers. It offers good performance when installed well and used in required conditions.

Works great in small size rooms where you just need to establish proper air humidity levels without any extra innovative & complex features.