Honeywell HCM350W Cool Mist Humidifier

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Dry air that is often encountered during the winter season when heating sources are used but also in other seasons due to changes in temperature creates numerous problems for us in terms of personal comfort and our overall health status.

If you wake up feeling tired, with dry nose, lips and skin then you are the victim of dry air effects. If you feel like you cannot get rid of flu symptoms and your furniture items have started to also have issues caused by dry air at home, then you must solve the problem as soon as possible because more negative effects will affect you in the near future.

How can you solve this problem? The solution is simple: purchase and install a professional humidifier that brings new levels of moisture into the indoor air you breathe thus helping you keep your skin and body healthy and maintain the precious furniture items from your home in good conditions.

Today we have analyzed for you the cool moisture humidifier made available by specialists from Honeywell, the HCM-350 –TGT model. Let’s see what it has to offer in terms of features and options: it is a germ-free humidifier that features silent performance in delivering invisible moisture that will relieve dry air discomforts encountered day and night.

It does not bother you in any way while functioning being based on silent technology and does not leak water.

Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier Features

Modern Performance Based on Quiet Care Technology

This humidifier is evaporative type and features silent performance that will enable you to achieve great new levels of proper humidity in the indoor air you breathe at home, at work or in any other place where you spend time and need to breathe fresh, clean, moisturized air for a healthy lifestyle.

It is said to be at least 25% more silent than most humidifiers thus enabling great performance without disturbing you while engaging in daily activities or getting some rest at night.

Cool, Invisible Moisture that Combats Dry Air Issues

This new model of evaporative Honeywell humidifier manages to solve your dry air issues due to its ability to create cool, invisible moisture that is released in the air thus making it easier to breathe and helping you feel relaxed.

Modern Settings

The product has been appreciated by customers who have chosen it worldwide due to its modern features and available settings. It includes 3 – speed options that enable users to take advantage of it according to their own needs and space requirements.

These setting modes help users adjust the humidity output as well as its sound levels thus making the humidifier a good option for users interested in having proper alternatives to consider from using a single product.

Useful Wicking Filter Incorporated

The humidifier also features a modern wicking filter that is very efficient in dealing with impurities caused by dust thus being able to provide clean humidity output for the indoor air.

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Honeywell HCM-350 Humidifier Pros & Cons


  • Great Performance: The humidifier enables amazing performance based on advanced technology and through its different setting modes that enables users to properly set it up according to their own space requirements.
  • Good Run-Time: The product manages to function for up to 24 hours without requiring extra fillings when used at low settings. This helps you get rid of the constant worry of making water reserves available for the humidifier to function properly even when you might not be at home.
  • No Change in Temperature, Just Properly Humidified Air: The humidifier does not affect the temperature in your room, it just brings proper levels of humidity in the air thus enabling you to feel warm and cozy while breathing fresh, clean air.
  • No Leaks: The product does not leak water no matter the setting used for making it operate. It brings moisture into the air and it does not wet the floor in your room as encountered in the case of other available products.


  • Filter Replacement Required: The filter included in the humidifier needs to be replaced every 4-6 weeks which makes you spend extra.
  • Large Dimensions: Compared to small, portable humidifiers, this product is larger in size thus needs proper space for being installed.
  • Often Cleaning: The unit sucks dust while functioning, especially at high levels thus needs proper, constant cleaning and maintenance.

As far as we could discover during the tests that we have made and by analyzing other customer’s reviews as well, we can conclude by offering a positive review for this product. It offers high-performance for small to medium size rooms.

It offers different settings for users to consider using for adapting it to their space requirements. It needs constant cleaning but it is easy to clean and does not water the floor while bringing new levels of moisture into the air.