Honeywell HAC504 Humidifier Replacement Filter


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Honeywell HAC504 Features

In the past, you have certainly encountered the irritating effects of dry air on your skin, body, furniture and everything surrounding you at home.

You have spent days and nights feeling uncomfortable while trying to get some rest for your next challenging day at work.

These problems are now history because meanwhile you have certainly discovered the magic of using an efficient, professional humidifier at home where personal comfort is of utmost importance.

If the magical device you have purchased and installed happens to be a Honeywell model which you are pretty much appreciative of due to its amazing features then we have further good news for you: there are also amazing humidifier filters available for these products.

We have checked out the new HAC504 replacement Honeywell humidifier filter and you will be surprised to discover on your own what it has to offer: it is an efficient product that manages to remove all sorts of pollutants from water and can be easily changed and used whenever you want.

Efficient Replacement Filter

The filter is efficient because it can be easily changed and starts doing its job seconds after installation. It manages to enable your humidifier to function at its best level thus remove all sorts of unwanted minerals as well as pollutants from water.

Professional Antimicrobial Treatment

The Replacement humidifier filter features the modern ProTec anti-microbial treatment that helps you reduce the risk of having mod, algae or fungus growth as well as bacteria on the filter thus keeping your brand humidifier operating great day and night.

Supreme Efficiency

The product has been created to serve professional humidifiers that need great filters to match their maximum efficiency. Well-tested on best products, these filters have proven their efficiency as well as their resistance in time. If what you want is the chance to treat your professional humidifier with efficient, long-term filters this might be the right offer for you.

Interesting & Useful Dry Lift Handle

The humidifier features an exclusive dry lift handle that enables you to keep your hands clean and dry whenever you decide to change your humidifier filter. Fast replacement and efficient features are a must in the case of well-performing filters meant to match professional humidifiers and this is what you will get out of these replacement features for a decent price.

A Useful Fit for Various Models

If you are one of the many users who have decided to use professional Honeywell humidifiers, you will be pleased to discover that these efficient replacement filters are a useful fit for various models of humidifiers: HCM – 1000, HCM – 2000, HCM-500, HCM-600 Series and others.

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Honeywell HAC504 Pros & Cons


  • Good Balance Between Features and Price: The product features a great balance between the smart features it includes and its decent price in comparison to other similar available products.
  • Perfect Performance: The filters function perfectly and are an amazing match of efficiency with your Honeywell humidifier.
  • New Features, Better Functions: The filters now include a tough plastic outer layer which is way more resistant that the paper one it initially included.
  • Long Resistance: With these amazing filters you might as well forget about wasting time on new purchases for your humidifier for years to come.
  • Fast Choice and Shipping: Once you check out the product available on market in terms of humidifiers you will easily notice the advantages of these filters for your Honeywell model. These can be easily found online and in specialized center stores and will be delivered to you fast.


  • Different Than the Original Filters: These removable filters look nothing like the original ones which might make you believe that you have made a mistake when you purchased them but they function well.
  • Cool Mist Not as Good as Steam Mist: Some customers have considered cool mist to be less efficient that steam mist featured by other similar products.
  • Larger Dimensions Than in the Case of Other Filters: These removable filters are larger in size in comparison to other small-size products available on the market.
  • Last Less than the Original Filters: These replacement filters are not as efficient and long-lasting as original ones yet offer the quality of any replacement product available.

From what we could discover in terms of performance, featured technology and efficiency on the long-run, we can conclude that these filters are a good match for those interested in replacement products that can be purchased for a decent price.

These might not be as efficient as original filters when it comes to their run-time but their price also does not compare to the ones featured by original Honeywell filters.

If what you need is a good replacement option, for a decent price and which does its job well for the amount of time it was meant to do so than these filters can be a good choice of purchase for you.