High-Quality Humidifiers: an Important Step towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Industry’s Most Comprehensive Humidifier Buying Guide for 2017 is Finally Here!

61RuN44ijPLNowadays everyone should be interested in a healthy lifestyle that might ensure a proper health status and the best possible comfort for ourselves, our family and friends.

The good news is that we live in an era that makes it all possible for us in terms of health and comfort if we are willing to spend some time on being well-informed and making the best choices when choosing products that ensure the good quality of our life.

One of the important aspects to consider when interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle is using high-quality humidifiers at work, at the office or wherever you might feel the need to install proper devices that might ensure the proper air humidity features for you on a daily basis.

A humidifier is a modern device that enables to increase the moisture to a proper level in a certain space according to specific space requirements and your preferences. There are various types of humidifiers which can be used according to the type of final results you want to achieve in terms of moisture. You can use specific humidifiers for large buildings or for single home rooms for example by setting the devices accordingly.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing a Humidifier

Everyone probably already knows the main reasons why someone might choose to purchase and install a humidifier. The important aspect is to discover what type of humidifier you need for a certain space in which you need to ensure proper moisture and which might be the most important features to consider before making a certain purchase.

Proper humidity therapy enables the necessary added value of moisture to the air we breath so as to prevent dryness. The main reason why dryness needs to be prevented is because it can easily cause irritation. If you have already dealt with issues such as dry skin, lips, throat or nose, purchasing and installing a proper humidifier is certainly the best next step for you to consider.

Another feature to consider if you are wondering whether you need a humidifier or not is the device’s ability to ward off symptoms of common flue or cold. If you constantly find yourself dealing with such issues, installing a proper humidifier according to your space requirements and using it according to specialized recommendations in this field can help you prevent these annoying health issues.

A recent study conducted by the National Institution for Occupation Safety and Health (NIOSH) suggested that maintaining indoor relative humidity >40% will significantly reduce the infectivity of aerosolized virus.

Your Needs and Space Matters
Before you purchase and install a humidifier, you need to establish the reasons why you need it so that you might choose the device that might handle your requirements in the most appropriate manner.
Indoor Humidifiers: Reasons for Purchase
Industrial Humidifiers: Reasons for Purchase
Types of Humidifiers
Nowadays, there is a wide variety of humidifiers available for you to analyze and purchase according to your needs in terms of space and features, preferences and budget. Here are the main types of humidifiers and their features:
Central Humidifiers
Evaporative Humidifiers
Impeller humidifiers
Steam vaporizers
Ultrasonic humidifiers

Things to Consider When Searching for the Proper Humidifier to Purchase
Now that you have established where you need to use a humidifier it is time to analyze the main aspects that you should consider for purchasing the best humidifier according to your needs.

  • Good Performance: No matter what type of humidifier you need, proper performance is something that your brand new device should be able to deliver. How is the performance of a humidifier expressed? In most cases, this is expressed through the output of moisture delivered in gallons of water being used in a 24-hour period of time. In certain cases, the performance of a humidifier is also expressed by the number of square feet to be humidified. Proper performance for you is based on the space you need to ensure moisture for either in your entire house or a single home room.
  • Professional Features: A good humidifier must be characterized by professional features that balance its price. You should consider features such as the type of output it delivers, either cold or warm or both and the advantages brought to you by these features in terms of output air humidity, risks and the invested budget.
    You should also know that best humidifiers include humidistats or hygrostats. These elements enable the measurement of humidity in the air. This is an advantageous feature for you as the user because it enables you to be aware of moisture levels anytime you want and adjust the device accordingly.
  • Modern design: Professional humidifiers are characterized by modern designs that enable you to choose the best one according to the type of space in which you want to include it. You will find a wide variety of models that will enable you to choose the best fit in terms of design for your own needs and requirements.
  • Proper Service Specifications and Warranty : The same as in the case of any new purchase, do not underestimate the importance of service and warranty guarantees when you make the purchase.You should find a proper humidifier from a well-known brand that offers at least a one-year warranty certificate. Choosing a professional device from a well-reputed company will enable you to have access to proper customer support assistance whenever you need it.
Top Brands of Humidifiers to Consider

Now that you have become well-informed about what humidifiers are, their type and specific features according to the type of space in which you need to use one it is time for you to know which are the top brands to consider for purchase.

crane-logoCrane: This is one of the top brands of humidifier producers in the case of which design is the main feature that will attract your attention. You will find a wide variety of shapes and colors as well as a wide list of professional features that characterize their products.

Some of our recommendations for purchase from Crane include the following products: Crane EE-5301 Humidifier, Crane EE-8065 Germ Defense Ultrasonic, and Crane Green Drop Humidifiers.

Essick-logoEssick: If what you are interested in are whole-house or console type of humidifiers, Essick is the top brand to consider. They are popular for their evaporative type of humidifiers that include top features which make these devices become top choices among users. You will find a wide variety of utilitarian humidifiers as well as pedestal and credenza devices that will certainly attract your attention.

Some of our recommendations for purchase from Essick include the following products: Essick Air MA1201 Whole-House, Essick Air EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal Evaporative and Essick Air D46 720 4-Speed Tower.

holmes-logoHolmes: You most certainly have heard about the Jarden Group, a famous brand in this field. Holmes is part of this brand and offers a wide variety of humidifiers that will attract your attention through their special design, features and performance that are in balance with the price required for purchase.

Some of our recommendations for purchase from Holmes include the following products: Holmes HM2610, HM495-UC & Holmes HM1865-NU and Holmes Ultrasonic Filter-Free Comfort.

HoneywellHomeLogoHoneywell: Another famous online brand is Helen of Troy Group that also features Honeywell humidifiers. You will easily discover their models both online and in specific home-center stores. Their products are certainly worth considering.

Some of our recommendations for purchase from Honeywell include the following products: Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist, Honeywell HCM-350, QuietCare UV Tower Humidifier, and Honeywell HCM-300T.

hunter-logoHunter: If you have made your research in terms of great fans available for purchase then you have certainly heard of Hunter. This brand is popular among users for their wide variety of great-performing products and the good news is that they also manufacture interesting utilitarian humidifier models that you might want to take a look at before you choose a final product for purchase.

Some of our recommendations for purchase from Hunter include the following products: Hunter 1.5-gal. Ultrasonic Warm/Cool Mist Humidifier and Hunter 0.5 gal. Ultrasonic Personal Humidifier – Purple.

bottom-lineThe use of humidifiers brings definite advantages to all of us as users as long as we choose proper devices to ensure all the necessary features and the proper performance wherever we choose to use a professional humidifier.

Among other clear benefits, a properly chosen humidifier can enable us to get rid of all the bad effects of dry indoor air by soothing and easing the annoying dry air symptoms, it offers a longer life to our expensive home furniture and it eliminates the risk of dust invasion in our homes.